The design process begins with an initial on-site consultation. While walking around your property, we'll discuss your outdoor use habits or plans (for example, a new outdoor cooking and dining area), favorite plants and colors, and property configuration issues such as terrain, drainage, poor or obstructed views, sun/shade patterns, etc.

If you need a complete design master plan, Redtwig will provide you with a design estimate and a contract. Once the signed contract and a 50% deposit have been received, Redtwig can start measuring, documenting and photographing your property. 

Keeping your objectives in mind, Redtwig creates a preliminary plan to work from. We will meet again to fine tune the design and create a to-scale master plan with a detailed plant list, dimensions and construction details. You will receive two copies (one in color) of this master plan.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.

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