Safe Spraying

Kids play on it, dogs roll around in it and bare feet wiggle in it with delight. But in pursuit of the Great American Lawn we use up to 10 times more chemicals per acre than farmers use on crops.

Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals can enter the body through skin contact and inhalation. Insecticides are particularly dangerous because many contain poisons similar to those found in nerve gas.

We invite you to join the growing ranks of Organic Land Care advocates. Say NO to a chemically dependent yard and garden and switch to a natural environmentally safe and bee friendly method of caring for your land.  

Our mission is to care for the environment - one yard at a time!

Our NON TOXIC and KIDSAFE Services include:
Organic land care and landscape design consultations
Tick, flea and mosquito treatments
Grub and lawn treatments
Native plant landscape designs
Compost tea and fertilizer applications
Soil testing

Contact us for pricing and to schedule organic treatments. 

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